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Midnight Visitor

Title: Midnight Visitor
Author: blu_eyed_demon
Pairing: Bobby/Jack
Rating: Hard R-NC:17 to be safe
Beta: agape_eternal
Disclaimers: Don't know, don't own. No money is made out of it, just to entertain
Summary: Jack wants to go out but Bobby’s got better ideas…

Midnight Visitor

It was late at night, Evelyn was out of town visiting old friends, Angel and Jerry had taken the opportunity to go fuck their girls while leaving Bobby stuck to keep an eye on the youngest who was currently in his face.

“Bobby, I want go to the fucking party now move.”

“What so you can get drugged and gang raped, not fucking likely.”

“That’s not gonna-”

“A pretty boy like you? Sure it will, especially one of those parties, you don’t go to those parties unless you plan to hurt someone Jackie, trust me I know those guys.”

“My friends are going.”

“That’s their funeral.”

“Bobby please, just this once.”

“No way princess, you’re staying with me.”

“I fucking hate you.” Jack snaps, raising his fist. Bobby grabs a hold of it instantly.

“Suck my dick.”

“Suck mine first, asshole,” Jack retorts before stomping into his room and sulking and drinking from a stolen bottle of cheap whiskey he’s taken from one of his brother’s rooms.

He lies on his bed fuming for hours thinking about how his friends are going to never let him live this down, about how much he hates Bobby for spoiling his fun. Eventually his anger tires him out and he falls asleep still dressed in his black torn clothes and heavy boots.

When he wakes it’s still dark and someone’s turned out his light, the only light is supplied through his open door by the dim light of the hallway.

The next thing he’s aware of is someone undoing his studded belt, tugging it free. There’s a thud as the mix of leather and metal hits the floor.

“W-who is it?” Jack asks, flashes of his childhood coming back.

“Shhhhh,” Is all the person says but its familiar enough to make Jack relax completely until there’s a tug on his jeans.

“I’m not drunk; I can undress for bed on my own, y’know….ok so I’m not entirely drunk.”

The pants are completely down now and Jack just pulls his feet out, deciding to aid rather than hinder, his way of apologising for his behaviour earlier.

That’s when he gets the biggest shock of all, a tongue teases his cock through the material of his boxers but as confusing as it is he’s damned if it doesn’t make him hard.

The boxer’s are off in a flash and the hot mouth is back, tongue travelling from base to tip, torturously slow. Jack moans loudly, hands’ fisting his blankets as the tongue repeats the action once again.

“More.” Jack begs, thrusting his hips very slightly. The tongue flicks teasingly over the head of his cock causing him to thrust up hard, straight into the mouth.

The sudden heat enveloping his hardness causes Jack to cry out at the top of his voice, thankful in the back of his mind that the house is empty.

The mouth has created a gentle suction, sucking on the tip of Jack’s erection gently, tongue swirling, hand sliding up and down the rest of the length.

Though his new lover is a little heavy handed and inexpert in what he’s doing, Jack can feel himself getting closer and closer. He holds on long as he can but the devil tongue’s flicking and swirling, working it’s magic on him.

“Coming,” He chokes out, a moment or two before he releases. Most of what he gives is swallowed. There’s then a shift as the person rises off of the bed.

“You owe me.” Bobby’s voice finally rings out in the dark. “I did what you wanted.” And then he disappears.

The next morning neither teenager speaks of what happened or of their bargain which Jack knows he must upheld somehow but right now he’s more worried about the hard on he gets every time he looks at Bobby’s mouth.

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Tags: fic, midnight visitor
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