silmfan (silmfan) wrote in fourbrothers,


Title: Persuasion
Chapter: 1/?
Word count: 1,491
Author: silmfan 
Fandom: Four Brothers
Feedback: Um. I probably need it, seeing as I haven't written any fics in a while. Forgive my extremely abrupt style in this story. I'm rusty. (But it could just be rug burn.) Anyway, if it weren't for the wonderful FB stories from the prolific veiledndarkness , I would not have hacked out this sub-par, still-incomplete fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own "Four Brothers" or anything/anyone therein. Regrettably. I also make no money from these writings.
Rating: Er...PG-13, bordering on R? (I don't know. There's swearing. What are kids comfortable with these days?)
Beta: Any volunteers?
Summary: Jack convinces a judge to mitigate Bobby's sentence.
Warning: Fuck if I know how the legal/penal system actually works. This is not in any way a reflection of reality.


Chapter 1
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